EOL Orphanage Project

Stages of the EOL Orphanage Project:

  • Stage 1: Purchase  Land- Completed
  • Stage 2: Build the orphanage – Starting date May 2015.
  • Stage 3: Operate the Orphanage

Stage 1:  Purchase Land

Status: Completed. The land was purchased in December 2014.

IMG-20141211-WA0026   IMG-20141211-WA0025   IMG-20141211-WA0029

IMG-20141211-WA0028     IMG-20141211-WA0002

IMG-20141211-WA0011  IMG-20141211-WA0018  IMG-20141211-WA0017

IMG-20141211-WA0019  IMG-20141211-WA0010  IMG-20141211-WA0021


Stage 2: Build  (target amount: $80,000)

Status:  Designs are currently been drawn up. Orphanage to cater for 30 children Plan to construct in May 2015.


Stage 3: Operate

Status: In early planning stage.